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Fish Pen Forte - Penicillin 500 mg Tablets 50 count

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Fish Pen Forte Penicillin 500 mg Tablets 50 count

Description: Fish pen forte penicillin 500mg  exerts a bactericidal action on gram positive and some gram negative bacteria. Useful for the control of some common bacterial diseases of fish including fin and tail rot and flexibacter infections.

This product is USP grade and manufactured in the USA

Available Sizes/Strengths : 

Active Ingredients:  Penicillin VK potassium 500mg


 Add one tablet (500 mg) into aquarium for each 20 gallons of water to be treated. Repeat in 24 hours. It is suggested that a partial water change be made between treatments. While duration of treatment depends on type and severity of the infection, it is recommended that extended baths in the medication continue for a minimum of 5 days & for not more than 10 days. Discontinue treatment with this medication if no improvement is noted within 5 days.

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great service, fast shipping

Those that want to know, yes, yes, and yes! Product was exactly as described, sealed, great price, and shipping was fast & secure. As long
as fishick offers the product(s) and this quality of service I am a lifelong customer!

Great Product

One of my Cichlid fish died and the other 2 appeared to be sick also. not sure of what so I used Fish Penicillin 500mg as directed and the 2 cichlids are doing great. Thank you so much

Excellent with fast shipping

Fast shipping and excellent products! Will order again! Thank You!

Excellent with fast shipping

Very happy to find this product and happy that it was shipped and received in a very timely manner. Free shipping is great. Thank you.

Jeremy S
Very happy to get this product.

Product and service is always tops. Highly recommend Fishick . And the prices are the best i have found